"Oplogic was established in 2000, with its headquarters in Metro Detroit Michigan. Our goal from the onset was to develop the automotive industry’s leading choices for a complete CRM and Retail Solution. Today, Oplogic has evolved into one of the most comprehensive solutions by providing intuitive tools for desking and digital retailing, lead management, AI driven call-management, equity mining, compliance and not to mention our extensive technical support. Oplogic also holds the patent on driver license scanning with authentication of customers for identity fraud prevention. Dealers say Oplogic exceeds their expectation with our in-house, best-in-class technical support team. We provide unlimited remote and on-site training with software customization to tailor operational needs. We take dealer inputs seriously by quickly implementing feedback into product enhancement. We host quarterly utilization meetings to ensure dealers operate at their best without missing a beat. With our extensive customer support, Oplogic truly stands apart from major competitors. Contact us at 248 655-0005 or info@Oplogic.com.

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