Program Benefits

Leads and Brand Site Integration

  • Dealers receive leads from the Stellantis brand sites, including,,,,, and
  • Dealers receive Stellantis Event Leads
  • Dealer’s website and location is listed on the “Find a Dealer” tool on the brand sites. Additionally, links directly into the dealer’s inventory listing pages are provided
  • Links directly to the dealer’s VIN-specific vehicle details page from the Search New Inventory tool on the brand sites are provided

Data Integrations

  • Integration with Stellantis' incentive feed ensures fast and accurate availability on the site
  • Dealers receive an automatic inventory feed which includes new, in-transit and certified pre-owned inventory. VINs with open safety campaigns are automatically removed
  • Consolidated billing of all Stellantis Digital providers through the dealer’s parts statement

Products, Services and Measurement

  • Thorough vetting of all program vendors to ensure dealers receive the best products and services in the market place
  • Dealers may purchase products and services offered through the Stellantis Digital program at discounted rates
  • Access to the Insight analytics platform, which highlights the most important website, leads, advertising, reputation and showroom activity metrics
  • Stellantis has invested in additional resources to provide dealers with in-depth analytics to improve media best practices and conversions on the dealer sites

Marketing and Advertising Support

  • Dealers receive BusinessLink content along with Ram Commercial custom pages (for participating dealers)
  • Dealers receive exclusive Stellantis Digital pages and tools to support their fixed operations, such as the Mopar dealer coupon page and online service scheduling (for participating dealers)
  • Dealers receive exclusive Stellantis Digital promotional pages and tools that support key retail events (i.e., Ram Truck Month, Commercial Truck Month, Spring Sales Event, etc.)
  • Stellantis-funded syndication of CPOV inventory to popular third party sites
  • National and BC level sales campaign creative is provided automatically
  • Select dealers enrolled in the Stellantis Digital program may be selected to participate in Stellantis funded campaigns and promotions Tier 3 Advertising Co-op (T3AC)
  • Select Stellantis Digital products and services are eligible for 1:1 T3AC and Bonus T3AC reimbursement
  • Automatic submission of T3AC Funds for certain products and services
  • Automatic Bonus T3AC Fund matching for certain products and services (see for more details)

Program Support

  • Program support is available through Stellantis Digital VIP Support for ALL program-related questions
  • Some dealers will have access to a BC-based Stellantis Digital Process Trainer. Dealers interested in the Stellantis Digital Process Trainer should reach out to their ASM or BC
  • Complimentary concierge service is provided by Stellantis for all dealers. This service reaches out to customers to assist dealers with setting an appointment at the dealership. Dealers can opt-out of this service by calling the Stellantis Digital VIP Support Team. *Note that 20 minutes is the default concierge response delay, dealers can adjust that time window
  • Complimentary URL registration is provided for all program sites