Lotlinx is a PLATFORM that uses machine learning technology and a massive proprietary data set to detect VIN level inventory risk and opportunity. Lotlinx executes INVENTORY STRATEGIES to control risk and deliver business (sales & margin) outcomes. The Lotlinx machine matches specific inventory to individual shoppers, in real-time, across all online channels, effectively making every online channel compete for the highest quality shopper, for each targeted VIN.

Gone are the days of overlapping channel strategies when a few units waste the majority of the online marketing budget. The monthly Lotlinx budget is based upon the number of target VINs and ensures balanced delivery. In addition to this VIN level marketing, the dealer has access to measurement tools that include VIN View Optimizer (measures all marketing impact by VIN), GA 4 setup/goals, Pricing/promotion measurement, share, marketing quality measurements and more.

The dealer focuses on operational control. The machine manages the execution.

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