DPA Consultations

Stellantis Digital Program Advisor

The Stellantis Digital Program offers all on-program dealers’ enrolled in E-Shop access to our Digital Program Advisors (DPA). Our DPAs provide Stellantis Dealers with access to experts that will help with the strategies, tactics and tools focused on improving Online Traffic, Digital Lead Generation/Conversion and E-Shop Lead handling and process. Our Nine dedicated DPAs are available through Stellantis Digital at your request to help drive efficiencies when you need them.

We make ourselves available to all E-Shop dealers both in person and virtually. We partner with you, so that together we can optimize and maximize your digital opportunities. We are here to help and we care about selling cars while optimizing the customer experience.

Schedule Your Consultation

Our Team of unbiased experts will support you and your initiatives in ALL of the following areas

  • Website
  • Traffic Drivers
  • Lead Generators
  • Lead Management
  • Program Dashboards and Analytics
  • Fixed Operations
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • CPOV
  • CRM
  • General Digital Support
  • Product Offerings
  • Set strategies and goals that align with Tier 1 and 2 go to market
  • Spend smarter: Prioritize mediums with the highest ROI
  • Work with vendors on direction, strategy and opportunities
  • Track performance and effectiveness

What can I expect from each consultation?

Assessment - We will work with your team on the specific opportunities you have. Our team will identify and discover the root causes while developing an action plan. We will always take the approach of “Does it Sell Cars” when we perform our assessments.

Consultation - Once we have done our prep, we will look to schedule a consultation with your store where we will walk through our findings and actions strategies.

Implementation - When the strategies are acceptable to the dealer, we will work with your team to help socialize and implement the action plans.

We will document in writing a recap of the agreed upon actions and of our consultation to the key members and management at your store.

Evaluation - We will continue to monitor the performance and reach out when necessary.