Enhanced DMS Marketing – Service

Affinitiv is helping dealers to rethink their marketing strategy by focusing on an omni-channel approach that is integrated and fueled by smart data and predictive analytics. Our strategy recommendations span across multiple customer touchpoints, including scheduling, service writing, in-service notification and post-service follow-up. Affinitiv’s platform provides a 360° view of the customer, vehicle, dealership and marketing campaign effectiveness all in one place. It makes it easy for dealers to leverage data and target customers with the right message, at the right time, on the right communication channel.

Title Scrub

Title Scrub keeps vehicle ownership status accurate and up to date. Affinitiv will scrub your DMS data against reliable data sources to determine if a vehicle’s ownership has changed. Each month you’ll receive a list of VINs that will need to be flagged in your system. These VINs will also be tagged so that no more communications are sent unnecessarily.

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