Accu-trade (Dealer Inspire)

Accu-Trade is one of the most powerful valuation and appraisal engines in the automotive industry. Unlock acquisition profitability with our accurate pricing built on vehicle history data, market data, and other issues you see on the vehicle.

Accu-Trade seamlessly integrates with Dealer Inspire solutions, allowing you to future-proof your acquisition strategy by:

  • Delivering Instant Offers on a shopper’s vehicle based on their exact VIN, condition, options, and real-time market data — all in under 5 minutes.
  • Enabling consumers to access the most accurate valuations through a simple, interactive user experience designed to reward condition disclosures.
  • Offering a seamless experience by providing consistent and accurate valuations across the Dealer Inspire connected platform of chat and digital retailing solutions.
  • Building trust and transparency with customers using Accu-Trade’s Universal Condition Report, which gives a detailed summary of how the appraisal amount was reached. It also empowers the acquisition team to make quick decisions on a VIN.
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